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Solar hot water evacuated tubes

Solar Hot Water Panels, there are two types, learn more on the Solar Hot Water page

Grid and Non Grid Systems

Solar Panels -
Solar panels turn daylight and sunlight into electricity.

Thermal Solar Panels -
Solar panels made specially for heating water

Solar Wind Power -
Wind generators perform well in exposed areas

Solar Power Systems - Systems made up from solar panels, wind power and thermal solar water panels

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Video solar experiments from around the world
- a good way of learning the basics of solar energy and how it works
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Getting started with solar
Leisure batteries
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Ohms law with solar

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Fitting a solar panel to your boat

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Fitting a panel on your boat


Caravaning and motorhome solar energy

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Going Solar - All you need to know
about installing solar equipment

For Resources and DIY Information on Solar, Green and Renewable Energy

Find your way now with 12 volt technology and thermal hot water solar panels - and start saving energy and the planet right away!

Even if you don't want to Do It Yourself, this solar power resources website will give you the confidence to approach the many solar power contractors available armed with good basic knowledge

House with solar water heating installed on the roof tiles

Comprehensive solar information to get you started with the great solar challenge. Finding your way with a relatively new technology can be very challenging at times especially on a small budget, but on this website exists enough help to get you on your way - with climate change and green energy a major issue, going solar makes perfectly good sense!

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Picture of sun and solar panel as a solar logoGetting Started With Solar Electricity

The great thing about starting with solar is you do have a number of options, you can have a complete system with all the bells . . . read more about getting started with free solar energy

Solar Panels
Solar panels turn daylight and sunlight into electricity. The panels absorb the light and create electricity which then needs to be stored for later usage and distribution. You can of course draw . . . read more about solar panels and how they work

Looking After Batteries
Batteries generally have a 30% band of good operation, so keeping
them managed by charging one way or another is vital. There are three main ways of charging your batteries . . . more about solar system battery care - see also looking after leisure batteries . . . read more about solar system battery maintenance

Choosing and Using Wire and Cables in a Solar System Installation
Wiring sizes and their usage is so critical that this whole page has been dedicated to it. This is where mistakes can be. . . read about choosing the correct wiring thickness for your solar system

Solar Hot Water Panels and Systems
The sun as we understand it is the ultimate sustainable source of energy, and there are plenty of sunshine hours (cloudy days still produce and are included) in the UK to use solar water heating panels. Solar water panels only require solar radiation from the sun and even work well on cloudy days . . . read more about thermal solar hot water panels

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** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** A live experiment to ascertain panel and system performance
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Getting started with solar energy and start saving electricity


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Picture of sun and solar panel as a solar logoSolar Factoids

The Biggest Wind Farm In The World Is Where!
The biggest wind farm at the time of writing 19/2/2008 belongs to Portugal, well it will be when it's finished that is. It will have a two-phase 1,500-megawatt production capacity and is likely to create around 1,600 jobs.

Solar Systems and House Prices
It is perfectly feasible that with the addition of a solar panel system to your house for it's value to increase.

Solar Panels Have Improved Greatly
Solar technology and in particular solar panels have moved on a pace, and have been produced with more powerful cells with the British climate very much in mind.

Solar Panel Systems Get a Boost!
Solar energy received a bit of a boost recently with the 'Climate Change Bill' and specifically the introduction of 'Greener Incentives' and 'Greener Taxation'. The starting point is with the 'Energy Efficiency Assessments' when selling your property, the higher your efficiency the easier it could be to sell your property and even get a higher price.

Climate Change or Global Warming take your pick - but!
Whatever your belief the weather seems to be getting warmer with more sunshine hours per day, that makes the argument for solar power even more feasible. Whatever your solar systems cost you, you will receive something back straight away, or as soon as the sun comes out that is. This is the satisfying bit - then instead of turning lights off to save money, you can start turning them all on (within the the limits of your system specification) especially when the solar harvest is good!

Planning Permission Not Always Needed
For most home owners solar systems can be fitted without planning permission. Only if you live in a listed building, conservation area or an area of outstanding beauty should this be a problem, but it is always best to check with your local authority before proceeding who, by and large are keen to be helpful and, see your installation go ahead.

Solar Systems An Evaluation
For many people living in an average house, putting in a complete solar system in an effort to wipe out the electricity bill is not a realistic excercise due to cost. Installing a complete solar system makes the most sense only when building a new house from scratch, where the wiring budget is already in place and can as easily be 12/24 volts DC as 240 volts AC. But you can make a big difference in installing part systems into conservatory's, outbuildings, extensions, green houses and workshops. For the time being though the biggest benefit will always be to the environment. But you will get a reasonable return for your investment with the reduction of electricity bills albeit quite small at the time of writing. On the other hand hot water solar panels or 'Solar Thermal Panels' to give them their correct name are very effective and can offer savings of up to 50% and, represent £ for £ a better initial investment.

Solar and the Home Information Packs When Selling Your Home!
Installing solar panels is a great way to boost your home energy rating and can also add value to your property.

A Free Source of Energy
Solar technology is a clean and free source of renewable energy, and aids our efforts to reduce global warming.

For a reliable supplier of
solar panel systems try this link to the Barden UK website.

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The Latest Science News Headlines

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A Selection of You Tube solar video

Free energy from a generator
FREE energy from this featured Sky News Australian video


Basic video instruction on the principals of solar energy, and how to put a basic system together
This can be helpful as an introduction to solar circuits

Solar home setup
This simple setup shows how you can produce solar energy

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