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Always read all of the pages and subjects before starting a solar system installation - If you are unqualified or in any doubt about your own ability then consult a qualified solar system installer.

Picture of sun and solar panel as a solar logoSolar Hot Water Panels

Solar Power - Free energy from natural resources

Solar direct evacuated hot water solar tubes
Direct evacuated tubes

"Solar hot water systems and PV electric solar panels are often confused with each other -
One type produces hot water and the PV produces electricity"

"The average person uses 45 litres of hot water per day, and from March to September you will not need to use your boiler for most of the time. During the winter months it is possible you will have some free hot water during the better weather days, and maybe a bit of help on the bad days"

Hot water solar panels and how they can function for you.

Using the power (solar power) of the sun to produce Solar Hot Water is easier than you think, solar water heating panels can generate up to 50% of your hot water, and what's more it is free after the initial installation outlay.

The sun as we understand it is the ultimate sustainable source of energy, and there are plenty of sunshine hours (cloudy days still produce ) in the UK to use solar water heating panels effectively. Solar water panels only require solar radiation from the sun and even can work well on cloudy days, so rain or shine you can enjoy variable amounts of free hot water. So regardless of the weather, properly sited panels are a great source for variable amounts of hot water all year round. Saving around 20-50% of your hot water bill is possible in a standard three or four bedroomed house. Most manufacturers panels come with a warranty of twenty years and will probably last a lot longer.

How the sun heats the water:

The sun even through cloud warms the surface of the panels and warms the heat transfer fluid that is pumped through tubes inside the panels. The tubes are connected to your existing water heating system.

Solar evacuated tube detail
Solar evacuated tube detail

Two Solar Hot Water Systems Which One Is For Me:

There are two systems, both are good, but their are some clear advantages with the second.

First solar system

Flat panel solar system - If looks are what you want then these clean flat panels give you that.

Second solar system

Direct evacuated tubes based upon the Thermos flask principle have the edge as regards performance

Will I need planning permission?

If the panels do not project significantly beyond the existing roof slope then you won't need permission. You will require permission however if your property is in a conservation area or is a listed building. It is prudent in any case to give your local planning department a quick call and finally having it in writing.

Price guide:

Slate roofs/Tiled roofs (prices may vary slightly between the roof/tile types)

1 panel package *approximately £1,500.
2 panel package *approximately £1,800.
3 panel package *approximately £2,500.

*Plus installation costs which vary from region to region.

The right system for your boiler:

Solar water heating panels can be integrated into most existing hot water systems, but not all.

Global Warming - it's why we are making changes to our way of life!

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