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Special Features:

Sailing with solar panels

Fitting a panel on your boat

Caravaning and motorhome solar energy


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Always read all of the pages and subjects before starting a solar system installation - If you are unqualified or in any doubt about your own ability then consult a qualified solar system installer.

Going Solar/Experimental !

A Selection of You Tube solar video

Free energy from a generator
FREE energy from this featured Sky News Australian video

Basic video instruction on the principals of solar energy, and how to put a basic system together
This can be helpful as an introduction to solar circuits

Solar home setup
This simple setup shows how you can produce solar energy

A range of experimental solar projects to get you thinking about the great solar challenge. The videos can come from any country in the world that YouTube has connections with, and shows quite clearly that renewable energy and how it might work for us all , is definately on the agenda. - with climate change and green energy a major issue, going solar makes perfectly good sense!

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Solar Chat Plus Forum

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